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#Stronger Together is the initiative that links fertility patients with fertility experts from all over the world on a daily basis, offering the latter understanding and support. 

If you feel that helping people to realise their dream of parenthood is your mission as well, why don’t you join us?

If you are interested in becoming a #Stronger Together Ambassador, please read on.

Who we are?

We are a group of professionals and enthusiasts who have long-term experience in co-operating with IVF clinics and fertility patients.  Thanks to our passion and expertise, we have created the fastest growing network of IVF web services worldwide. Our goal is to deliver first-hand information to all those struggling with infertility and considering IVF treatment.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we realised that IVF patients worldwide found themselves in a particularly difficult situation. Cut off from planned or ongoing treatment plans as well as the support from fertility counsellors,  they were thrown into uncertainty and their dreams of becoming parents were put on hold. This is when we launched the #Stronger Together initiative, aimed at helping patients survive the isolation and a temporary lack of treatment possibilities. Through a series of inspiring online events with top fertility experts, we offered them help and inspiration – so exactly what was needed the most during this challenging time.

The #Stronger Together initiative turned out to be a huge success so we decided to continue with the project further on. Our goal stays the same – we want to provide all of those in need with education, information and the feeling that they are not alone in their difficult journey.

The role of ambassador

Obviously, the success of the #Stronger Together initiative would have never been possible if it had not been for our great Ambassadors. It was their help and invaluable insights that enabled us to address the needs of fertility patients from all over the world in the most effective of ways.

Being a #StrongerTogether Ambassador is surely a great privilege but also a great responsibility.

Remember that the role of an Ambassador is a voluntary one and the time commitment will vary from individual to individual. In fact, this role is really what you make of it.

We will highly value your experience derived from working with people going through fertility treatments and we are keen to work with our Ambassadors on new ideas and initiatives.

A really important element of our cooperation for us is your engagement in boosting our digital awareness and spreading the news on the #Stronger Together initiative and upcoming events. In this way, we can make our message reach as many fertility patients as possible – and provide them with necessary information, advice and understanding.

By joining our efforts together, we amplify our voices and multiply our power to make a difference.

Remember that #WeAreStrongerTogether!

How to apply

Would you like to become #StrongerTogether Ambassador? Great!

Do not hesitate, write to us and will contact you shortly!

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