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At Equipo Juana Crespo we are specialised in solving the most complex fertility cases, our depth of experience enables us to pinpoint each patient’s unique fertility problem, and offer solutions even in those cases that could not be solved by other clinics. One of our areas of expertise is late motherhood, with women close over 40 years of age who may still become mothers with their own eggs: proper protocols and techniques to improve oocyte quality, optimal stimulation cycle selection to retrieve and fertilise oocytes, and uterine repair surgeries to restore fertility when needed, to name some of our differential approaches.

We offer absolutely personalised reproductive medicine, defined from the first consultation with a personal treatment strategy, cycle by cycle if necessary, all the way until we reach the desired end.

Our clinic has been designed to provide our patients with all the necessary facilities and spaces, as well as the latest technology, to provide state of the art medical care in a warm environment. Our multidisciplinary expert medical & patient care assisting team is either native or fluent in English. We offer online medical care assistance and emergencies service available 24/365.

Our success rates are ongoing audited by an external organisation accredited by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). Moreover, Equipo Juana Crespo complies with the most demanding quality certificates in Assisted Reproduction and IVF Labs, all of which are considered the highest quality standards by the most important fertility scientific societies worldwide, such as European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).  We have one of the best success rates per embryo transfer, and the best success rates in women with previous treatments at other clinics, whether own or donor oocytes.

We have a specialised unit that coordinates our thorough and demanding egg donor program : we work with our own donors, who are young and healthy women that undergo the most strict medical and genetic controls, with excellent oocyte quality, enabling us to offer our patients at least 4 very good quality blastocysts to guarantee at least two embryo transfers. Each donor is exclusively selected for each recipient patient. At present, our success rate per embryo transfer (not accumulated) in IVF treatments with donor eggs is around 75%, and the average number of oocytes donated to each patient is 10-12.

Our team is led by MD. Juana Crespo, who owns more than 30 years of experience in assisted human reproduction and has been a pioneer in Spain in this field ever since.

Equipo Juana Crespo is the fertility clinic for women who need effectiveness and personalisation in their treatment, we offer high-quality medicine focused on the patient’s needs, the most advanced technologies and front-line treatment strategies designed exclusively for each patient.





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