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Eugin Group: a worldwide group in assisted reproduction

Eugin is part of the world leading group in assisted reproduction clinics with more than 75 clinics in 15 countries and 4 continents. With more than 1.500 specialists, we have a solid and outstanding team of healthcare professionals that achieve more than 50.000 treatments annually resulting in more than 150.000 babies born thanks to our patients’ trust.

Eugin Spain: the starting point for thousands of families

Since 1999, our clinics in Madrid and Barcelona have been working over 20 years with the same enthusiasm of the first day. We are leader in egg donation treatments in Europe and a referral center for all assisted reproduction techniques in the EU. Because of the location and reputation of our clinics, our patients come from across 78 countries in the world resulting in more than 8.000 treatments a year.

Plus, we have a strong research department, key area in the development of assisted reproduction since it allows us to apply the latest advances in treatment to our patients. We aim to promote and develop an excellent, innovative and competitive research at an international level. Eugin’s commitment to our patients is also reflected in rigorous, ethical scientific research.

We also partnered with some of the world’s leading universities across the world. Since 2019 thanks to the collaboration with UPF – Barcelona School of Management, we created the Master in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies designed to provide the resources and skills to meet the challenges posed by the rapid changes currently occurring in the field of assisted reproduction and give the students the opportunity to gain real international experience.

Our healthcare model: patient-centered always

We are acknowledged for practicing medicine based on medical excellence and scientific evidence, which has an impact on the way we exercise our profession and is characterized by:

  • Talking clearly with patients about the appropriate treatments for their case.
  • Supporting patients throughout the process of fulfilling their dream in the strict observance of what is medically indicated while respecting the way in which patients feel most comfortable when giving shape to their project.
  • Transparency in what can be expected from each treatment and not generating false hopes after applying them.
  • Prudence when it comes to indicating techniques or treatments with doubtful benefit for the patient, basically when they involve an added cost for them in any way.
  • Getting away from sensation-seeking and fads when promoting or explaining our ability to treat our patients, avoiding false expectations and avoiding communication of an excessively commercial nature, especially in regard to the donation of gametes.

Vision, mission and values

Our vision is to turn this world into a world in which every woman who feels the desire to get pregnant can do so.

Our mission is to always ensure our patients’ maximum well-being, by applying the best possible assisted reproduction techniques, backed by scientific rigor and medical excellence.

And our values are commitment, dedication and a vocation to serve. Excellence and personal and professional ethics. 5 values to define Eugin’s true essence.



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