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Institut Marquès is an international reference centre in Assisted Reproduction headquartered in Barcelona with a regional presence in Italy (Rome and Milan). Leaders in innovation and with excellence-based medical care, Institut Marquès treats patients from more than 50 countries.

Specialising in special hardship cases of patients with fertility issues (those who have previously undergone several cycles without success), the centre offers a broad portfolio of treatments and services and the best success rates, reaching 91’5% per cycle in In-Vitro-Fertilisation treatments with donor egg.

With 100 years of history, the fourth generation of gynaecologists of the Marquès family is now part of the clinic’s team. The centre has the added value of being a reference in both the study of male infertility and in Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT).

Institut Marquès has also its own anonymous sperm and egg bank and a broad embryo adoption programme. ​

Embryo Monitoring

The specialists at Institut Marquès understand well that the initial stage of any fertility treatment can be a highly stressful moment for the patients. That is why they launched a service called Embryomobile that allows patients to watch the development of their embryos live on a smartphone or tablet. So far, Embryomobile has been used by thousands of patients. According to the clinic’s survey presented at ESHRE, the experience for patients was extremely moving and helped them reduce anxiety. Now that patients can be directly involved and are able to see their embryos before the transfer, they have a feeling of being of control and it helps minimize the stress.

Music at Institut Marquès

The clinic is a world pioneer in incorporating music in embryo culture. The studies conducted by the clinics have shown that micro-vibrations from the music produce movements similar to those that fertilized eggs experience in the mother’s womb. The vibrations help stir the culture medium, and that results in a more homogeneous distribution of nutrients in the fertilized egg. The use of music turned out to become a key factor in the increase of Institut Marquès’s success rates, which are already among the highest on the globe.

The Forest of Embryos

The involvement of Institut Marquès in relation to environmental toxins goes even further: The centre has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility project that responds to its commitment to the defense of the environment. In order to leave a better world for all babies born thanks to its fertility treatments, Institut Marquès is reforesting one of the areas most affected by pollution on the Mediterranean coast, located in Tarragona. More than 1,500 trees have already been planted. Trees are identified with the name of each boy or girl and their date of birth, forming the so-called “Forest of Embryos”.

Embryo adoption programme

Institut Marquès was a pioneer in the world, launching this initiative in 2004: Embryos that are not transferred remain under the custody of the clinic when the parents do not want to decide on their destination. Therefore, this centre of Barcelona decided to offer them in adoption to its patients. In accordance with the Spanish law, the embryos available under this program come from healthy parents, under the age of 35, who have successfully undergone an IVF treatment and who no longer want to have more children.





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