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InviMed Fertility Clinics, situated in Poland, are a part of a Swedish medical group Medicover, one of the biggest providers of high standard health care. For the past 18 years our experienced and dedicated medical teams consisting of doctors, embryologists, biologists, biotechnologists and technicians have helped thousands of infertile couples (including those from overseas) realize their dream of parenthood – and a staggering number of 12 thousand children were born because their parents had decided to undergo fertility treatment at InviMed.

Our fertility facilities network consists of five fertility centers. All InviMed IVF treatment centers are located in Poland’s largest cities, with easy access to international airports. In each of our locations, we focus a hundred percent on quality, safety and effectiveness of fertility treatment procedures. We understand that couples who experience difficulties conceiving a child have no time to spare, and we do our very best to help them as quickly as possible, with no waiting list.

We are proud to say that InviMed Fertility Clinics achieve the highest success rates in Poland, which makes us the leader among IVF clinics in our country and one of the best IVF treatment centers in Europe. InviMed Fertility Clinics specialize in IVF treatment using donor eggs. We guarantee that couples who decide to undergo IVF with donor eggs at our centers will obtain 12 eggs and three high-quality embryos, and they will be available promptly. At InviMed Fertility Clinics you don’t have to wait months for embryo transfer – when the doctors have found a donor who is your phenotypical match, you can undergo the procedure the moment you’re ready.

At InviMed we have our own laboratory, seven fertility experts with the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproductions and Embryology) certificates, all the latest fertility treatment technologies and true joy of working together towards one goal – our patients’ pregnancy. From day one our focus is on you and your struggle to become a parent.

Fertility treatment can be stressful at practically every stage, which is why at InviMed Fertility Clinics we try to make our patients feel comfortable:



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