Monica Bivas, Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach

Про Monica Bivas, Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach

Monica Bivas is a Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach, speaker, writer of the Book The IVF Planner ( and founder of The IVF Journey, an online community for women and couples to find support, hope, and connection with other individuals contemplating or experiencing In Vitro Fertilization.

Monica learned that she would be unable to conceive without medical intervention early in her marriage, and went through multiple IVF treatments. After experiencing several difficult cycles – including the stillbirth of her second daughter – she was determined to try one last time. This time, however, she decided to approach her treatment with mindfulness and positivity. Her last round of IVF was an outstanding success, resulting in the birth of her third daughter.

During her experience, she realized women often begin IVF treatment without adequate knowledge of the process or enough emotional support. Determined to rectify this problem, she now helps the fertility community, consciously direct their IVF experience by managing their emotions, shifting their mindsets, and preparing for the ultimate outcome of treatment – a precious baby. 

Monica is a Certified Fertility /coach from the Wholesome Fertility Program and specializes in Mindset and Emotional Support for Individuals and couples Trying to Conceive Via ART, like IVF or IUI, as well as emotional support in Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Monica was a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and has been a host in multiple Fertility Podcasts, where she talks about her own journey, and planning for and managing IVF treatments, as well as support on TTC naturally. 

Her book, The IVF Planner, is a journal and guide for women undergoing fertility treatment and has another book forthcoming about her life-changing experience with IVF treatment and her Stillbirth and loss experience at 39 weeks of her baby daughter Isabelle as well as her following miscarriage at 7 weeks after trying again IVF. 

She is married to her Israeli husband, Shai, whom she considers her best friend, and has two daughters and one stepdaughter. Although born in Colombia, she is deeply in love with her home on Long Island, New York. When not supporting her IVF & TTC tribe, she fully immerses herself in being a hands-on mom, and a must in her life is a weekly date with her husband to keep up the romance and love.

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