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Reproclinic is a modern assisted reproduction centre placed in Barcelona, Spain, one of the most popular global destinations for assisted reproduction treatments. Since its opening, the clinic has received numerous international awards for its excellence in patient experience.

Our unique approach is based on:

  • Personalized Patient Care

To avoid an impersonal experience and give our patients the confidence and peace of being always attended by the same team, we offer the unique ‘The One Patient = One Team’ concept. We guarantee you the support of three professionals (patient & medical assistants and physician) throughout your fertility journey.

  • Stress-free Fertility Journey 

To minimize the stress caused by the travel difficulties, language barriers, cultural differences, among others, we developed and implemented initiatives: 365 assistance in the patient’s language, travel management, reduce stay, cost-effective solutions, offering the possibility of carrying out part of the treatment locally in your country.

  • Integrative Support

We believe in the strength and benefit of the integrative approach. Every one of us is unique; no single approach holds all the answers and solutions. It has been proved that problems such as stress, fear, anxiety, unbalanced diet, bad habits, among others, are highly detrimental to reproductive capacity. We bring you closer to integrative support, encouraging you to be the protagonists in your treatment.

The patient experience is a fundamental concept at Reproclinic because every detail of this experience contributes to a positive outcome. All patients’ needs are considered here, making your fertility journey manageable, safe, confident, and relaxed.





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